Desires of The Dead

Desires of the Dead - Kimberly Derting


I loved The Body Finder. I liked the characters, had a crush on Jay, the story was unique and held my attention..
Now lets talk about it's sequel.
I hated, hated Chelsea. So much that I feel she gave me a bad attitude toward the book.(and she was only a secondary character!) Every time I saw her name mentioned I automatically became grumpy. I didn't feel she was cute, funny or anything but RUDE.
Violet. Really we're going to do the whole let's not tell Jay anything and then have the big "misunderstanding" thing happen? That is just so over done. and it's crappy to do with two characters that had worked so well together in the first book. It didn't feel right or believable. Just aggravating!
Jay. Still a hottie!
I know I know this book is for young adults and there was a scene that didn't have to go play by play, but honestly? The scene where Jay & Violet have sex is written like it was a report.

" Nothing had changed in that moment when Violet and Jay had finally decided to have sex.....Violet was amazed at what they'd done.....it was wonderful, and beautiful, and not anything that Violet had expected it to be." Then it goes on to talk about the pain had been more intense blah blah. The scene didn't make me feel happy for either one of them. It made me feel like maybe they should have waited longer. Sheesh.

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I'm very disappointed.