XVI - Julia Karr


The book has a world where advertisements blaring from every street corner & every wall is normal.People listen to them like they are gospel. Children , teens and adults are shape, molded by these. (almost sounds a little too close to where we're heading)
  At the age of sixteen the girls get a tattoo proclaiming that they are now legal.Legal to have sex. Through out the story you get guys gawking at girls and the girls having to show their wrists revealing that they're not "legal" yet.
But the story isn't really about the whole "XVI" issue. It's about censorship. About not being media sheep. Let's not just follow the heard because everyone else is doing it.
I think it's scary that a world that's portrayed in this book seems possible. We listen to commercials about drugs that will help us feel better instead of listening to our Dr.'s.
I liked this book, the story had me reading late into the morning and although the last few pages seemed a little jammed pack (like there could have been at least 5 more chapters.) I thought it moved toward the right direction.
I'm really looking forward to reading the next book and hope there's several after that one. I'd like to see how the characters become NonCons, which way their lives go.