Vixen - Jillian Larkin There are three girls this story develops around.
Clara - who is sent to her aunt's to hide her past.
Lorraine - Gloria's best friend, in love with Marcus.
Gloria- spoiled & rich. Before she settle downs to marry Bastian she wants to do something fun, go to a speakeasy. This is where the story starts.
The first couple chapters are slow but does eventually pick up. When you first meet Clara you know she has secrets, but there is one that isn't told until the end. it may have been that reason that I kept reading. I wanted to know more about Clara.
Lorraine ,right from the beginning,was a very unlikeable character. I wouldn't have cared if she dropped out of the book. Some of the things she did I just didn't get. Why would you do that?
Gloria's situation has been told before, mostly in romance novels. Truth be told Clara's story has also been told before in many romance novels. But because Clara wasn't so snippy or snotty she was the only one I really wanted to keep reading about.
By the end there is no real closure for any of the characters,She sets the pieces together, but then sets them adrift so you'll have to read the 2nd book.
Will I read the next book? Yes, I'd like to see Clara happy and also find out what kind of trouble or success Gloria is having.