Undercover - Lauren Dane This is how I'm gonna explain the feeling for this book.
First porno I ever saw was some ridiculous 70's thing. You know the kind where the girl has run out of money and can't pay for her rent <<i>cue "Bow chicka wow wa" music> so she's got to work it off...then after 20 minutes of watching I've totally forgotten what the plot was. Facing the fact that we watch porn for the SEX not the plot. You read this book for the SEX not the plot. Which is too bad since it sounded like something interesting.
I really can't even tell you anything important in the plot. I just remember a lot of "eating at the Y" & "knob jobs". And we are talking about BSDM, I dominate you, you submit to me kind of stuff. Oh AND there's some M/M action. But don't worry it's not like they are "gay" they just like to suck each other off. WTF seriously I think that makes you a little gay doesn't it?
I'm disappointed in this book. If there was one scene that stuck in my head it was the scene with Ash's head.