Skin Game - Ava Gray This isn't a paranormal book nor is it really romance. Well it does have romance in it, but it's more then just that. Kyra has a gift/talent of being able to grab someone's best ability and is able to use it for herself for a small amount of time. She's a hustler when we meet her with some back ground stuff that you find out as the story moves along. (and the story moves along at just the right pace, not too fast and not too slow)
The four main players are
Kyra, Reyes(HOTTIE), Foster (Mysterious character)and Serrano(Asshole-a).
I honestly didn't know how it would end, there are so many things you begin to wonder about and want answers to, and yes there are parts where I found myself saying "oh your so f*cked when she finds out" then I begin worrying about the characters. Not just the two main characters but Foster as well. Ava Gray pulls you into the characters life so your running right along with them.
She gives you an ending to one storyline, but there's one that she doesn't which made me request the next book in the series.
I can't wait to read the next book.
** The only thing I would change is during the sex scenes she uses the word Labia.... every time I read it I had an image of a diagram of female genitalia in a medical book , not hot sex.

two quotes I liked:
It was a ballsy question, but he had to ask. "What about sex?"
"What about it?"
"Are we going to have any?" --pg 55

"You just push it down and function until the day you meet someone who sparks something stronger than what's left." ~ Mia