A Swift Pure Cry - Siobhan Dowd In the beginning of this book Shell finds her faith again because of a new priest. That part actually had me wanting to put it down. She was comparing herself to Jesus a lot.
Then the "main thing" happens and I was drawn in enough to finish the rest in one sitting.
***Big Time spoilers**

A Swift Pure Cry was inspired by two separate incidents in Ireland. The first event occurred in 1984 when a fifteen-year-old girl died from blood loss and exposure while trying to give birth on her own. Critics blamed her death on the town folk who failed to give her guidance and aid. The second incident (Kerry Babies) involved a woman in her 20s giving birth to a child, rumored to be the result of an affair with a married man, and a baby being found stabbed to death around the same time. As in A Swift Pure Cry, controversy arose over whether the woman killed her child and if she did not, who the second child belonged to."--- according to Wiki

This seemed stretched to me in the story. Because Shell explains what happen to her child and they didn't immediately go check out her story. It made me call the cops STUPID a few times.
It also seemed the author was trying to do too many "issues" in one book.
Her father may have gotten drunk and had sex with her - incest
-The priest may have taken advantage of her
-Teen pregnancy
-the ghost of her mother
I wanted to say pick one!

**End Spoiler***

I'm sorry to say I didn't get what all the great reviews were about.