Jenny Pox

Jenny Pox - J.L. Bryan

I'm not sure what to rate this book. In the beginning I thought it was just a normal YA story about a girl with some weird ability. Then towards the end it turned dark, I was actually thinking along the lines of CARRIE

Jenny was born with the plague touch. If anything touches her bare skin they break out in plague. She grows up feeling very isolated because of her inability to have any human contact. (she can't touch any living living) She does attend school, where she is ridiculed about where mittens/gloves all the time.
Now along comes the teenager falls in love with the mean girl's boyfriend plot. Yep Jenny falls for her nemesis' boyfriend. BUT there is a secret in there that turns the storyline into more then the story seems.
The character Ashleigh really bothered me, what a manipulative biotch.
There is one little scene that had me wondering at what age I'd let my niece read this. Ashleigh forces her best friend to give Seth/boyfriend oral sex, while her busy with her.
The end of the story is different then how I thought it was gonna end, but not in a bad way. I liked the turn that the story had and can see a series being built out of it.