Under The Skin

Under the Skin - Michel Faber

The story is about Isserley. An alien who has had to mutilate her body to fit in with the "vodsels" around her. Let me stop there and say she calls herself "human" but she is the alien. She calls humans , "vodsels". Because where she's from, she is the higher life form so of course, she's "human". (okay I'm totally guessing that's the reason)

 You meet Isserley driving the A9 looking or hitchhikers. They can't be too skinny, they can't be woman. They need to be good hearty stock. You kinda know in the back of your head why, but nothing gets confirmed until later.

So your basically reading what's going on in her head until she picks up a hiker then you see it from their minds eye.

This story is by no means exciting and honestly I don't see how they made a movie out of it. Don't get me wrong, I liked reading it. I wanted to know what Isserley would do by the end of the book. It's just that it's a lot of driving, and more driving, and then your at the farm where she lives with the other "humans"/aliens.

Looking at this trailer tells me they took the idea from the book but changed several things. Check out the Trailer HERE.

Like, I have no idea what that man baby thing is, or the club scene, or the sex scene...

I'm thinking this is very loosely based. Maybe they took her character and gave her a new story for the movie.

Anyways, what I got out of the book...hmm... Maybe I should go Vegetarian. That's all I'm saying.