Carnival of Souls

Untamed City: Carnival of Secrets - Melissa Marr

I'm a fan of Melissa Marr. I got totally sucked into her Fae series Wicked Lovely and was very sad when it ended.

I've read Graveminder and thought it was o.k. So I'm excited to say that this book has me very excited for a new series, (Trilogy?) by her.

One thing about Melissa Marr, her YA books seem to push YA .(In my opinion) There are such dark undertones, Maybe that's what pulls me in and makes me keep reading. Anyways... Carnival of Souls is about Daimons & Witches. You can step into the world she has created by visiting the Carnival of Souls website Here

The book flap makes it seem like Mallory is the main character, but really, for me it's Aya! Thank you Melissa Marr for giving me something to look forward to.




probably change it to a 4