For Darkness Shows the Stars

For Darkness Shows the Stars - Diana Peterfreund

If you're going to read this, you'll need to know this:

COR = Children of Reduction aKa Posts

These are children born from parents who are reduced. The reduced are people that (from what I understand) are mentally challenged because of a DNA manipulation that went on from before. Although their parents are Reduced THEY (Posts) escaped the crappy DNA and are okay. This is a cross between a Dystopian novel & the book Persuasion. In between sections she also has quotes from Persuasion.

Most of the relationship between Kai & Elliot (yes she has a boy's name.) Took place in flashbacks of letters they had written each other when they were children.

Kai being a COR, had to work for Elliot's family because they were Luddites, superior to the Reduced. So of course they weren't suppose to play together or anything like that. But they end up having a close friendship.

The book was okay in some parts and in other parts I enjoyed where the story was going.