Hallowed - Cynthia Hand

I cried. like a baby. At least she could have spent the f*ckin summer with Tucker. Would it have killed her? I think I maybe could have accepted the ending if she would have. I keep telling myself that this is a middle book. It's only a stupid middle book! Things will change, they have to! Here's what I don't understand: I don't understand the whole Jeffery saving Tucker thing. Especially since he started the fire. Was it so Jeffery could be a hero? Was he now feeling sorrow because of this, like Clara was? I still don't like Angela. There's something that tells me she is an evil character. My rating...


I think I'm rating it higher then Ang & my sister because I didn't reread the first one right before I read this one. I think if I had my rating would have been a half star less. I'll read the next one. I have to read the next one.



I hope Cynthia Hand knows that I love Tucker more Now then ever! Music I listened to all morning thinking about poor Tucker..

Speeding Cars

Let it Go

If your not the one

Let Me Go

Do what you have to do