Never Let Me Go

Never Let Me Go - Kazuo Ishiguro

I almost gave up on this one, but I didn't and last night I finished it up.
After reading the book and then seeing the movie trailer I've realized that they've showed the whole book in the movie trailer. It's almost like a mini movie. I think this may be one of those movies that are actually better then the book.
The reason I think this is because while Kathy was speaking of all these things I couldn't really feel any emotion with any of these characters. While in the movie I'm sure your gonna actually be able to see the characters with emotion.
There was one part I remember reading and thinking, wow she said that so cold, like it was a matter of fact. I think the line was something like" we had sex"
The more I think about it, the only one who did show any emotion was Tommy.

Was that a flaw they all had, no emotions?
anyways, I may come back and do a little spoiler thread about more stuff in the book later.