Allegiant  - Veronica Roth

For those of you that have read this book and are disappointed, EW has a post about it HERE.. and Veronica Roth has a post also, here.

So my thoughts? Well I did not reread the first two books so I wasn't emotionally attached to anyone. (NOT.ONE.TEAR.WAS.SHED.) Which I guess is a good thing seeing how this one ended. Okay I did get a little sad when

they pulled the plug on Uriah. This part in particular - "...Hana squeezes his hand tightly, until her knuckles go white. Then she says something, and her hands spring open, and she steps back from Uriah's body. Letting him go."

I also felt sad when Tobias released Tris's ashes.

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If you think about how this series began and the taglines used.

Divergent - One Choice Can Transform you

Insurgent - One Choice can Destroy You

Allegiant - One Choice Will Define You


You see where it's going to end.  It all comes down to a choice being made and some readers just don't like that choice that was made. But if it had ended any other way, would it have been such a big impact? It wouldn't have been a defining moment for


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I stand by Roth's Choice. So My rating does NOT come from the ending of this book, I'm alright with the ending. 

Now this IS where I'm gonna do the complaining.

Do you remember the cover of Insurgent. With the Tree? It was beautiful, I kept imagining as my next tattoo. Now look at the cover of this book. A Wave. It's just there.

That's how I felt the story was. Just here. Nothing special. (I know what it represents from the story, but still.  eck)

Okay, you know when you see a sequel and they've replace the main character with a different actor and you see the movie anyways, because you really liked the first movie and then your all, "OMG that was so bad."

Yea, that's how this book was for me. Like I didn't even recognize the characters as themselves. Which is pretty bad seeing that this book was 526 pages long.

I thought there would be more excitement, but nope. More romance? Nope.

More words on a page that keeps you from finally getting to the ending? Yep.

Now after reading the book and knowing the first movie is coming out, I'm wondering if there will be a lot of changes to the third movie compared to the book. 


"People are just divided by different things, fighting different wars."