All The Truth That's in Me

All the Truth That's in Me - Julie Berry

Only complaint is the cover. It doesn't fit the time period of the story.

 I'm not sure how to describe this book. You know (from reading the description) what it's about, but you can't tell how beautiful the story really is from just the description. When you first meet Judith, she is young and nothing has happened yet, then you meet her "after". The world she lives in is cruel to her, but her heart remains loving and giving. I think that's why this book was so easy to read, you wanted her to triumph in everything she did you want her to be happy after what she has gone through. quotes from the book:

"To tell the truth will make me loathsome in your eyes. Even more than I already am. I pledge to give you all the truth that's in me. And you want me to tell you this."


"The stars' cold stare reminds me: worse than a sinner, I'm a thief. I steal the touch you would not choose to give me. You'll never know you've been robbed."


"Then you appear, through the trees, guiding your mule as he pulls a tree limb. Like a soldier back from battle you fill my vision. You're a flood, a baptism I'd forgotten, and the force of you leaves me breathless."



There's a part in the acknowledgement page that I read twice..wondering who Phil is..


" I try to write for the world, but in truth there's just one reader I dearly hope to please. This book is for him. On some level every love story I write is my attempt to show the world what Phil means to me. Someday, I pray, I'll get it right."