The Arrival

The Arrival - Shaun Tan

This book has no words, the pictures speak instead. You may think this is about an immigrant coming to a city or country you know. It's not. To make it feel like you also are in a foreign place this is not any country you've been to. The people are strange, things they eat look strange. I could feel the bewilderment right alongside the immigrant.

Along the way the immigrant hears the story of three immigrants, It was really well done, again the pictures just say soo much. (Huge exterminators sucking up people that are running) 

 The pictures have that sepia look to them and the book itself sorta feels like a picture album. If you're thinking about reading this, do! Hold on I shouldn't say "reading it" I should say if your thinking about "experiencing it". Sit down and look at each picture.

Really enjoyed it.