Unsouled book 3 out of the "Dystology"

UnSouled (Unwind, #3) - Neal Shusterman

I wish I could say I loved this book. But honestly the only book so far out of this "Dystology" that I loved was Unwind. I still feel it could stand alone and be complete.

Things that I felt were brilliant in the book:

The Advertisements. They were placed in the right spots to sway the way you felt about unwinding. Should the criminals be unwound to save innocent lives instead of us feeding them every year?  VOTE YES on Initiative 11!

on page 189 Connor thinks about why parents unwind, wondering if it was all the advertisements that said things like

"Unwinding -- when you love them enough to let them go," or "Corporeal division; the kindest thing you can do for a child with disunification disorder."

It's scary to think someone would be conned by commercials, but it happens today, which makes this whole series plausible.


Weird stuff I wish someone would explain:

Why did pages 137, 138,147&148 have a border on one side of the page.

photo borederunsoul_zpsf2d28033.jpg


 Was there some meaning behind this? Was this in Unwholly?


Some random things:

In one advertisement/Article/Report (pg304) it mentions a verse from the bible. I think bringing this in really makes you think about how our society is and how things get twisted or how things have "good" intentions and go wrong. Because in the same article it says

"Even though this procedure would rarely be used, if it were the law of the land, it would give parents authority....and it would be a tremendous incentive for children to give proper respect to their parents."

Anything that becomes a law can be used and WILL be used. and then it just becomes this huge rolling ball that cannot be stopped.

Which is what this book is kinda about/center/heart of this book..


If you didn't read the Novella Unstrung, then you may be a little confused on pg 145. But no worries you get the whole story anyways.


A nice addition to this series is Grace.


quotes from the book:

- "You can't just unwind the young ones, 'cause once they're gone, others'll sink down to take their place."


-- "He cannot deny how much he loves her - and the pain of that longing is enough to make him know that he lives. That he is. For how could he feel such anguished if he had no soul?

Yet in many ways he feels as if she took his soul with her when she left.

Do you know what that feels like, Risa? he wants to ask her. Do you know what it's like to be un-souled?


Over-all I feel like the characters were all scattered and then came together at the end of the book.


ok one tiny complaint. this stupid error made me get stuck while reading this page. I know it seems so little , but it's this little stuff that drives me insane.


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