Whiter Than Snow by Sandra Dallas

Whiter Than Snow - Sandra Dallas

Very fast read. Once you start meeting the characters and your seeing their back stories it's hard to put down. It also helps that this book isn't over 400 pages like most books I've been reading lately.

So right in the beginning you know a tragedy happens. An avalanche that sweeps up some of the little town's children. You just don't know if any will survive and if so who's?

I'm not sure if Ms.Dallas had maybe a religious tone underneath or if I just put it there. I'm pretty sure it's suppose to make you think about

The Sins of your father and how you pay for those sins, or really how your children pay for those sins. or that God puts things in your path and you don't realize why until later

(show spoiler)

I found each character interesting but my favorite I think was Lucy. It may have been because it's about a relationship between sisters or just because of her life all around. 

My second would have to be Grace. All her not believing in Superstition, when truly she did.

Like I said earlier, the book is a fast read and very enjoyable until the end. I don't know if it was because of the final outcome, which you already knew was gonna be bad.  I'm not sure but I just felt like, hmm. Maybe I'm not truly happy with who lost who.