World After (Penryn & the End of Days #2) by Susan Ee

World After  - Susan Ee

I have two big complaints about this book.

The biggest one is that Raffe doesn't really have any part until page 224. Out of 314. This bothers me because I loved the interaction between Penryn & Raffe in the first book.

2nd complaint - where is that humor from the first book? Missing!

This book revolves around Penryn. First, her at the Resistance camp, then on to other situations she gets herself into. I'm not saying the story didn't move forward, it did, but it was missing something. Maybe because she was alone for so much I missed the interaction she had with other people..

Here's some other tiny things that made me roll my eyes - the constant use of the words World After, capitalized just like that. 

- Penryn using a bear and doll clothes to cover up the sword and then giving it the name "pooky bear", I'm sure this was suppose to be cute, I just felt, how immature.


Things I liked:

That we finally find out about the "scorpions"

The character "Clara", I think she was a nice addition.

That Paige has come into her own !

(show spoiler)


When I look at my paper back of Angelfall and see all the dog eared pages and then look at my copy of World After and see crisp clean pages, it says a lot.

I'm disappointed that this book just didn't carry the same feel as the first one. It was difficult for me to read more then 50 pages with out getting bored and doing something else.

I hope the next book brings that same feel that the first one had.