Saga: Volume 2 (#7-12)

Saga, Volume 2 - Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples

*Warning* this post has words and links to images that are not safe to open with children around!  This is what kind of Comic book this is, just so ya know.


Sometimes I love this series, sometimes I'm really just disgusted. 

Things I like: 

Alana & Marko. Some scenes I can't help but to bust out laughing. One scene in this volume is between them. THIS picture is how the conversation between the two starts.

Marko: Are you kidding? I thought you told me  to finish inside you.


Alana: That was Sexy Alana! She's a crazy person! Sexy Alana is obsessed  with her nipples and uses the word "dick" unironically! She's not to be trusted!


the conversation then goes into this big I could get pregnant and kids need lots of things like apples sauce...by then end of it, Marko has to do one last dig to Alana

Marko: Just to be clear... Your exact words to me were: "Please shoot it in my tw*t."

Alana: yeah. I know.

Honestly I could skip through the rest of this comic and only read the pages they're on.

Things that just make me do the "ewww" look:

Imagine your sitting in the library reading this comic. Your reading it pretty quickly so turning the next page happens with out a thought. Until this image shows up on the page and then from now on your actually peeking at the next page before actually turning to it.

Yea that's really gross. All I kept thinking is .."really?" Well, it IS a graphic Novel..graphic.

If sex in all forms doesn't bother you then you probably won't be bothered by the images, I don't think adding all that in has made for a better story. I think it kinda takes away from Alana & Marko.