Desert Tales a Wicked Lovely novel by Melissa Marr

Desert Tales: A Wicked Lovely Novel - Melissa Marr

This novel was a set of three Graphic novels originally. I didn't read the graphic novels, but was very excited that she turned it into a novel.

 I really love the Wicked Lovely world. Melissa Marr's writing has all this darkness underneath. (My favorite characters will always be from the Dark court.)

In this book you meet Rika, the girl before Donia, and the Alpha Sionnach. 

Sionnach reminds me of a Dark Court Fae, so naturally I liked him right off the bat. Raki, seemed weak and uninteresting to me. Her obsession over a mortal boy was also boring. I just didn't feel the connection. This doesn't come close to the other books of Wicked Lovely, it's flat and there is no meat to it. The closer you got to the end of the book, the more it felt like a real Wicked Lovely novel.

Best part of the book: Sionnach.


"Most foxes mate for life, but sometimes a fox faery has to use a bit of... strategy to help his mate get ready for that." He stepped in front of her and looked directly at her. "You were still mourning your mortal life, and I didn't know how to give you what you needed to heal. Then, I saw Jayce. I watched you become more alive, and I knew that what you needed was to be with a mortal, to be the mortal you should've been if Keenan hadn't picked you."

(show spoiler)

How could you not like Sionnach after reading this!