Love, Anthony by Lisa Genova

Love Anthony - Lisa Genova

"We have pills for headaches. We have antidepressants for sadness.

We have God for believers.

We have nothing for autism."


Talk about a fast read. Really once you start reading you don't even realize how much you've read until your looking at the clock saying "yikes, I've got to get some sleep."

 I believe we should all read this book, if only to able to look at a parent who's at the grocery store with a child crying and to see more then just a crying child. To not judge them and think "oh what a spoiled brat"  - Maybe that child has something going on that you don't know. Maybe that mom is trying her hardest to keep it together.

This book allowed me to see inside an autistic child's mind. The author put it in such a way that I was able to understand and totally get it. I don't want to tell you how she explains it, but it really was a simple way that had me nodding my head.

Another part of this book was the feelings of Anthony's mom, Olivia. She wants so desperately to know if Anthony felt loved.

"Every night of his life, I always tucked him into bed and said,'Good night, Anthony. I love you.' And I don't know if he ever understood what that meant."


This just tore me up. To love a child and not know if he knows how much.If he understands love, because he's never let you hug him, or even to look in his eyes.

There were several parts that just stuck out to me:

The day she came home and imitated Anthony, flapping arms.

When she laid on the deck next to him and just looked at the sky.


This story also makes me think about how we feel pressured to fit in. Have our children fit in the norm. We'll "extinguish" anything that makes them look odd or unique because we don't want them to stand out, we want them to blend.



There is a whole story line I'm not even covering that's in this book. But really that story line isn't as important as this one.

"The spectrum is long and wide, and we're all on it. Once you believe this, it becomes easy to see how we're all connected."


I highly recommend seeing the movie Temple Grandin. and checking out some of her interviews .


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