With You (Tear Asunder 0.5) by Nashoda Rose

With You - Nashoda Rose

The biggest problem I had with this book:

Emily being sexually assaulted and how the author handled it.  The Assault did not happen during the book. It happen prior, and it's the reason that Emily is asking "Sculpt" (really what kind of name is that?) to help her defend herself. I can see wanting to defend myself. BUT, she's not even traumatized by it, never reported it. 

This was the lines from the book:

"But the guy managed to pull down my jeans, tear off my thong and put his finger inside me...."

"I never reported it, even though Kat begged me to, and we kept it from Matt because he was mega overprotective."

"So telling Matt was a bad idea. Besides it'd been dark, and he took me down so fast, I had no idea what he looked like..."


It's just wrong. The story moves along quickly and really the language "Sculpt" uses is more shock value then turn on. They haven't been intimate at all and he says this to her : 

"You wet? Is your pussy throbbing?"

(show spoiler)



I found this quote - 

"This guy had me kidnapped and strung up in him.." .

I'm wondering if this has to do with the next book. The whole sentence made me pause.

then this :

"And he held me hostage with his voice."


Anyways I'm not sure if I'll read the Torn From You