Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell

Reasons why you might like this book:

~ You loved Rainbow Rowell's Eleanor & Park

 ~ Fanfic is something you've read and like

~ You have a sister 

~ You like books about finding yourself



I was not a fan of Eleanor & Park,. I thought maybe it was just the story line, but now that I've finished a second book by her, I can say I think it may be just the way she writes.

 Here's the stuff that bothered me about this book.

 Wren.-  What kind of sister treats her TWIN like that. Knowing how painfully shy Cather is and basically ignoring her was really a crappy thing. By the end their relationship is better, but I just could not fathom my sister and I treating each other like that.

 The issue with their father.-  It was touched on, but to me, I never felt what Wren & Cather must have felt during the times he was manic. I wish I could have. It probably would have made me connect a little more with Wren & Cather.

Cather -  I really had a hard time connecting with Cather. I kept thinking she had some form of Asperger.

 I did skip all the fanfic that was in the book. I didn't care to read it.

If you know me, then you'll know when there are errors in the book I have a hard time reading past it, I get stuck and have to turn the page and come back. So this made the flow of the chapter break up 

photo FGMSK_zpsf3a51469.jpg


The beginning of the book had me wishing I'd picked a different book to read and was really struggling with finishing it. The last 1/4 of the book was better. 

Over all it was just an O.K. book for me.


I came across a really good review, it says everything that I agree with. Read her review over at Her Fine Eye Blog .