Written in Red by Anne Bishop

Written in Red - Anne Bishop

I'm in the minority here. I did not Love this book like so many other readers did.


Things I did like about the book:

Meg - I enjoyed her character. Liked her interaction with other characters

Vlad, Henry & Tess -  I'd like to read more on just these characters (notice I did not say Simon)


Things I didn't like:

The names :   "Crowgard",  "Wolfgard" - It just bugged me.  Also the elementals being "ponies" just didn't fit. How about the name of the stores? Really?

the writing- dry. I could not be pulled into feeling for anyone in the book, and because of this, the book seemed twice as long as it's 433 pages.


I also had a hard time with the "others" thinking of everyone as meat. Why would you ever want to go into their area. They were allowed to eat who ever they wanted. I didn't get the feeling that a lot of "others" wanted any kind of contact with humans besides to eat.



This just wasn't for me, which is surprising, because I like paranormal stories.