No Words Alone by Autumn Dawn

No Words Alone - Autumn Dawn

First let me say this -  I was born in 1972. I grew up with Star Trek, Dune, Star Wars,  and all the other sci-fi odd movies, & Tv shows.

I needed to tell you that because I'm pretty sure that's effected how I felt about the book.

The author has named one of the bad guys..Khan. Some of you may not know who Khan is, but to some one from my generation. This is all we see in our head when we read the word "Khan"

photo download_zps20c936dc.jpg


or for the newer fans...

photo khanscream_zps7eeb28cd.gif





Seriously, I could not get either of those images out of my head.


Other things she's included in this book 




photo startrek_2461565b_zps399e2bcf.jpg



A Sandworm

(yes picture Kyle MacLachlan riding one here)



I kinda felt like this could have been a historical novel , you know minus the "aliens".