Charley's Web by Joy Fielding

Charley's Web - Joy Fielding

It's hard to like a book when the main character is not like-able. She even admits it. That she puts up walls and is not friendly with anyone. She doesn't even speak to her co-workers. She has embarrassed neighbors with her columns and thinks nothing of it.

"For God's sake, Lynn. What did you expect?" Charley interrupted, annoyed at having to defend herself. "I'm a reporter. You know that. This sort of story is right up my alley. Of course I'm going to write about it....."

 So she's not friendly with anyone,  Well except for men. She loves men. Has two children by two different fathers. One father was a man that was putting in the pool next door. The other a man that was showing her computers. (I think that was it..) 

Here's a little something from the way she thinks:

"It felt strange to be sitting so close to a man who clearly had no interest in her, she thought, unable to remember the last time that had happened. She'd long grown accustomed to men falling all over themselves in an effort to impress her."


 So, say that wouldn't bother you, how about the fact that she lets a night club owner take her son somewhere, because she really needs a babysitter. I man she really didn't like, doesn't KNOW!

"Could she do it? she wondered, inching forward in her chair. Then, immediately: what was the matter with her? She barely knew the man, for God's sake, and what she did know was unsavory, to say the least. A nightclub owner, a ladies' man, a "gangster wannabe." Hadn't she all but accused him of having mob connections? Still, her instincts told her he was a good man at heart, and it wasn't as if he'd be alone with her son. His own son would be there, along with the boy's mother and stepfather...." 


I probably would have enjoyed this book more if the main character wasn't Charley. The story was interesting, although there were small parts that I felt bothered by. When Jill talked about how the children got murdered. I just hate reading stuff like that.