Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma

Forbidden - Tabitha Suzuma

"I can think of no other kind of love that is so totally rejected, even though ours is so deep, passionate, caring, and strong that forcing us apart would cause us unimaginable pain. We are being punished by the world for just one simple reason: for having been produced by the same woman."


Yep, incest. So why does this book have a GR rating of 4.07? Because it makes you cry in the end. Shows you heartbreak and desperation and love.


To be quite honest, I wasn't too impressed for the first half of the story. I understand they were each other's best friends. That Lochie's world was actually pretty small, even though he attended school each day. The only place where he could be himself with out anxiety was home. With Maya by his side. The mother was in and out of the house, too self centered to even think about her children. She did not cook for them, she did not dress them. She basically came and got clothes and that was it.

So you have two teenagers basically in the role of "mother" & "Father". 

I should have seen their relationship and their closeness and never questioned , how could they? But I did question, saying lots of times - "ick, no no.It's just wrong!"

Which brings me to this :

"Everyone else is permitted to have what they want, express their love as they please, without fear of harassment, ostracism, persecution or even the law. Even emotionally abusive, adulterous relationships are often tolerated, despite the harm they cause others. In our progressive, permissive society, all these harmful, unhealthy types of 'love' are allowed - but not ours."


Do you think this ever will be accepted? Who says it's wrong? Society used to say Man & Man is wrong , but now it is accepted. Who decides these things? Society in a whole? If you have enough protests and media blasting you what is right and how intolerant you are and  how "people shouldn't tell you who to love" then isn't this okay too?


it wasn't until page 393 (out of 454) that my heart finally melted and I could not stop the sadness that filled me. 


"It's time for me to set us all free. Despite the terror, the blinding white terror, I slip a second loop over my head. Tighten the noose. A harsh sob breaks the still air. And I let go.

Willa's big blue eyes, Willa's dimple-cheeked smile. Tiffin's shaggy blond mane, Tiffin's cheeky grin. Kit's yells of excitement, Kit's glow of pride. Maya's face, Maya's kisses, Maya's love.

Maya, Maya, Maya....."

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"Being together, we harm nobody; being apart, we extinguish ourselves.”




The story is just sad. I'm not sure I can recommend it, but it is a very touching story of love and devotion.

One thing I can't shake  -  while reading I couldn't help but blame Maya, it was like she was "Eve" tempting "Adam". It seemed like she was the one that wanted all this, pushed this. I still feel this was, but considering the ending.. 


"For you to go on to live a life of unimaginable joy....."