A Bride's Story Vol. 1 by Kaoru Mori

A Bride's Story 1 - Kaoru Mori, 森 薫

This is my first book by Kaoru Mori, and it will not be my last. I'm mad at myself for not automatically putting the next three books on hold when I did this one. The story reads so easy that before you know it your at the end. 

At first I was kinda put off by the bride being 20 and the groom 12, but as I read more about that time period and further in the story I felt at ease with it.

The author also mentions in the afterword that the normal age for a girl to be married was 15, so I felt bad for Amir. 

Kaoru mentions a song called "Aka-Tombo"

here's the lyrics 

Dragonflies as red as sunset

Back when I was young
In twilight skies, there on her back I'd ride
When the day was done

Mountain fields in late November
Long ago it seems
Mulberry trees and treasures we would gather
Was it only just a dream?

Just fifteen she went away one day
Married then so young
Like a sister lost, I loved and missed her
Letters never seemed to come

Dragonflies as red as sunset
Back when I was young
Now in my eyes, when I see dragonflies
You can listen to the song Here.

Source: http://yokohamayomama.blogspot.com/2010/10/aka-tombo.html