Dreams of Gods & Monsters by Laini Taylor

Dreams of Gods & Monsters - Laini Taylor

It took me 10 days to read this. Ten days. 

Does this trilogy wrap up, was it worth reading? Yes.

Now ask me why it took me so long to read this book. Answer: I have no clue. It seemed like every page had lots of info on it and so every page took me twice as long to read.


 There's a new character in this book. I know she was needed to wrap things up, but I think that's why I just wasn't in a rush to finish this one. I wasn't devouring it like I did the other two. Every time Akiva or Karou were on the page it quickly switched to Eliza's pov.

It seemed like there was all this new stuff going on , but nothing was going on. (I hope that makes sense)

I did happen to mark several pages:

"Hello, they'd said then, like a whisper incantation. Hello, like a promise.

Hello, breath to breath.

The last breath before the first kiss."


"Having hope was like dangling himself over a chasm and putting the rope in her hands. She could annihilate him if she wanted to." - pg 201


"Skin and forever made a potent combination..." - pg 228


"My wife likes to say that the mind is a palace with room for many guests. Perhaps the butler takes care to install the delegates of Science in a different wing from the emissaries of Faith, lest they take up arguing in the passages." - pg 274



"They wish pointless wishes, and let their what-ifs fall to the ground with the corpses."


"In the legends, chimaera were sprung from tears and seraphim from blood, but in this moment they are, all of them, children of regret." pg 309


"Ice and ending. The instant froze, impossible. Unthinkable. True.

Your entire being can become a scream." pg 457




Page 327 -

Ziri dying. That just broke me. Seriously if there was someone who I was rooting for, it was him. "and Ziri's soul was home."

 So of course when I got to page 509, I couldn't read fast enough!

"Did you learn?

Did you glean Ziri's soul?

Dear gods and stardust, did you?"

I this was one of my favorite parts.

"Liraz may have captured Ziri's soul like a butterfly in a bottle, but that was only a formality. It was already hers."


For some reason this picture makes me think of Ziri

Azura by Emmil photo Azura_by_emmil_zpse64c436e.jpg

(show spoiler)

For those people that feel this book is just too long and you must know what the heck is Razgut. Skip to page 464. That's his chapter.



**Edit* Just read an interview with Laini Taylor over at The Guardian. I don't know If I knew this or not, but Universal Studios has bought the film rights to Daughter of Smoke & Bone!