Kissing in The Rain - getting caught up in a webseries

How to explain this post...

I follow a Cynthia Hand fan page on FB (hey,don't judge me ) This link was shared.

Honestly I was thinking -  that's dumb, those little webisode things. Why even bother....

Lily & James Kissing in the Rain photo kissingrainshort_zpsaae4eedb.jpg


8 episodes later, here I am, telling you about it lol.


So here's the set up:

"A new micro-webseries from Shipwrecked Comedy, set entirely in the rain. Two sets of actors re-enact the most romantic kisses in history from the 1600s through the 1960s, all while grappling with their off-camera feelings between takes"




 Check out "Lily & James" - Kissing in The Rain 

I can't wait to see chapter 2 "Audrey & Henry"

Does anyone else get caught up in these little things?



for the record I did watch all the BSG websodes, but come on that's BSG, when your a fan you watch everything you can!