Left Drowning by Jessica Park

Left Drowning - Jessica Park

When does a book become in the category of "Erotica"? Seriously let's look this word up:

Erotica  - "works of art or literature that deal with sex and are meant to cause sexual feelings"

Well, all I can say is that the middle of this book felt more Erotica then Contemporary Romance.  Any book that has graphic detailed sex scenes is no longer Contemporary to me. If you have used the words (Now Brace yourself, naughty words are coming)

Clit, Pussy and cock

(show spoiler)

more times then I can count, guess what, you've gone pass Contemporary.

Small quote that sums up the sex parts - 

"But right now my endgame involves sweat, and cum, and plenty of noise, and I want to get there."

I'm not gonna deny the scenes were hot, because they were really really hot. Really. But I think it's unfair to put this book in the hands of someone looking for a NA or Contemporary Romance and have them bombarded with this.Honestly I don't even believe in the NA category, it's adult people!

(Okay I just went to the author's website and she does address this issue : Here)

So if I were to rate the book on Hotness this book would get a 4- 4 1/2. To put it bluntly after you read the scenes you know your getting lucky later  lol.


Now on to something else. Gay characters have been showing up a lot in books now. And not all in a good way. Sometimes it feels like the authors are using a check list and having a gay character is one of the things they need on that list. So when this happens the character is thrown in there and you can tell, they don't feel real or like  my friend Ang said - "authentic" . Say for example the ones in Kristin Cashore's Bitterblue.

That is not the case in this book. I'm really happy that Ms.Park has written two people that are in a relationship. That is all you see when it comes to these two guys. That they like/love each other, they are kind and caring. Way to go!


Next on the list:

The anti God, Fate stuff. Religion doesn't help anyone feel.  As someone who does believe in God, this kinda ruffled my feathers a little bit. I'm not saying that was a message put out there by the book. It was just what they characters felt. But again it did bother me. Especially because they were hurting so much.



Favorite Characters - Sabin and Estelle. Nope they were not the leads. They were so funny and real, you can't help but love them.

A quote from Estelle that would so come out of my mouth to a friend  -

"I got all dressed up like an asshole for you, so now put your music back on and run like I know you can."


I did like this book. I know the three stars makes it look like I didn't , but I did.

There were parts when I was truly frustrated. At one point I said "Fuck you Chris!" and stopped reading.  I also hate when characters have money so that they are able to do just what ever they want, buy Tvs, go to Hawaii, spend a week in a suite at a motel. Own houses. This is not realistic to me.  But hey, it is a book. People may also not buy the whole it's all wrapped up thing at the end.


Quotes I liked.(Warning this will be spoilers if you have not read the book)

"Beer goggles are no match for atrocious lighting."


"I see perfection in things that are likely considered imperfections by others."


"Okay, good, I do not find the tree sexy at all, so I have not entirely gone off the deep end."


"They're fucking in the shower! Thank you, Lord!"


"A sea urchin. He is reminded how much life is out there in the ocean, in the rest of the world, all of it waiting for him."


"The thing is, Blythe? My father never had dogs." He throws again. "He had me. And he had Sabin.""


"Everything you suffered through gave me life."


We both could have died that night, but we didn't because of each other."



My theme song for this would be Bush's Machine Head. The words "Breath in" made me think of the song a lot..