If I lie by Corrine Jackson

If I Lie - Corrine Jackson

If you're thinking about reading this, I recommend you do it all in one sitting. Which will not be hard at only 276 pages.  

"One for sorrow,

two for joy,

three for a girl, four for a boy

, five for silver, six for gold,

seven for a secret never to be told..."



Yes, you know the secret, it's called out early, the book isn't about trying to find out the secret. It's more about friendship and finding out who you are. Are you what your parents say you are? Are you the person your friends say you are?


“Sometimes a moment defines you, defines how people see you for the rest of your life. You can accept it or fight it. If you're lucky, you'll recognize the moment when it happens.” 



I will say that I agree with other posters. I'm not sure a whole town would act like that, but then again. A military town, it may be right on the mark.