Instead of reading this week...

Instead of reading this week I'm on a little vacation with my family!

Here's a few photos of our outing yesterday. (yes boring family photos lol)

 photo familysmallspace_zpsf2fc1c06.jpg


and just in case you were wondering how short I am ...

 photo seatbeltsSM_zps7e1aeca1.jpg



 photo flower1_zpsd6933b0e.jpg


 photo butterfly2_zpsccfa032d.jpg 

 photo butterfly1_zps4a532415.jpg


 photo helpele_zpsdaf45e22.jpg


 photo piggysm_zps1276b6ff.jpg


 photo AaronkellyScSM_zps8b3a3df4.jpg


 photo momdadmeSm_zpse8abce4b.jpg


 photo mybackboysBWSm_zps02a8c660.jpg