The Scar Boys by Len Vlahos

The Scar Boys - Len Vlahos

I feel like I was kinda tricked. See, I thought it was gonna be this tear-jerker about a horribly scarred teenager that teaches everyone around him how looks are only skin deep, all through his adventures with a band.

But nope.

It's like the author wanted to write about his own experience ,touring with a band (here's a video of that band : Woofing Cookies), and had to have an edge to it. Something that would be different then just a "band" book. Oh, let's make the main character scared and hideous!

I really did not want to read a "band" story. I'm not totally being fair I guess, it did have a little bit about relationships. But I don't think you really learned any valuable lesson in it.

If you want to read a a book about a child who teaches a valuable lesson to all that read it, I HIGHLY recommend  R.J. Palacio's Wonder.