Fighting Redemption by Katie McCarthy

Fighting Redemption - Kate  McCarthy


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There's enough really good reviews about this book that I don't need to have a huge review going into all the details.

 Here's the most important thing I can tell you.

yes, you're gonna cry.

If you don't shed a tear I'm pretty sure your heart is the size of the Grinch's heart before he met Cindy Lou Who..


Will I read another book by this Katie McCarthy? Yes, I will. I've added Give Me Love  and the book Merrick to my list. I do sorta wish there were books on the secondary characters from this story...


*I just checked out her website and she has a bonus Chapter you can read after you've finished the book . Do not read it, until you've read the book! She also has a playlist.




I do have something else to say about this book. There were times when I questioned my own ability to spell while reading this.(which I should add, happens a lot and I don't really know why I'm surprised by this feeling) There were two words that kept coming up.:

Organize & Realize.

See - I spelled them with a letter "z" not an "s". I guess the "z" way is the way it's spelled in the US and everywhere else the "s" way is popular. I know that sounds petty, but anyone with a reading problem knows it's little things like that which become reading speed bumps. It makes me stop. Back up. and start the sentence again until I tell my brain to ignore it!