Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson

Since You've Been Gone - Morgan Matson

This is the third book I've read by Morgan Matson. I still think Amy & Roger's Epic Detour is her best book.

There were several things I just had a really hard time with.

 #1- the very beginning of the book sounds like Emily was whisked away for two weeks. During those two weeks she never tried to contact Sloane?

"The first weekend after school had ended, I'd been dragged upstate by my parents against my wishes and despite my protests. When I'd come back to Stanwich, after too many antique shops and art galleries, I'd called immediately, car keys in hand, waiting impatiently for her to answer so that she could tell me where she was, or, if she was home, that I could pick her up."


"But after three days, and still no word, I worried."


How do best friends not text the whole time they are away from each other, especially teenagers? I just don't buy it.


#2 - The way Emily treated Gideon. What was that? I'm glad that she finally figured out how bad she treated him,

"I watched his taillights until they got more and more distant and then faded from view entirely. I realized, in that moment, that I hadn't needed to destroy Bryan's sunglasses in the Paradise parking lot. Because it was clear to me now that I'd already broken something."


#3 - why didn't Emily confide in her parents? I'm sorry but if my best friend disappears with out a trace I'd say something to my mother, maybe she could figure out what happen, ask around, get some info.


I was about halfway through this book when I really didn't care about the list or if Emily would find Sloane. I think the book could have been cut down a lot.


#4 - Sloane. I like her personality. Fun & a little Odd. But who treats people like that? Goes away and can't commit to a friendship?


There were playlists in here, but it just didn't have that same feel like Amy & Roger.. I was disappointed.


one quote I laughed out loud, because I felt the same way as Emily:

"Sloane was dressed much the same, in a tight-fitting dress, her hair long and a little wilder than usual, her eyes done smoky in a way that I could somehow never pull off without looking like I'd been injured."


"In a well-ordered universe, this book would have been better..."