A Bride's Story Vol. 5

A Bride's Story 5 - Kaoru Mori

In volume 4 I really didn't care for Laila and Leily. But in this volume they made me laugh. Although I do still fell a little sorry for their grooms, they have their hands full!

I loved reading/seeing all of the wedding preparations and what was expected of the girls.


I do have to tell you that the scene where they're butchering the goats got me a feeling a little icky. I mean it's guts of a goat! Yuck!


I was very happy to see Amir in this volume. I love her big eyes and gentle nature.


Things I can not wait for:

More story on Talas and Mr.Smith!



*Interesting stuff*

Found a video of the artist drawing Amir. The detail is amazing. Why can't this whole series be in color!