Say What You Will by Cammie McGovern

Say What You Will - Cammie McGovern

 Right from the beginning I liked the characters.( Amy who has Cerebral Palsy & Mathew with OCD.) They work so well together. As the story is building you can see how their relationship is too. You got a glimpse of how it was for Amy before she met Mathew, or I should say before Mathew became a helper.  How hard to be surrounded by people but always feel isolated. One would think because of Mathew's OCD he'd never be able to be by Amy's side, but it was like with Amy, he was okay.

I can't say I wouldn't be like Amy's parents. I can't imagine trying to prove to the world that your child is smart and funny with out them being able to speak on their own. There was a part in the book describing how things were with Amy before she got her Pathway, how teachers and students thought she was really smart and her adult helpers were helping with everything. This preconception is one that many people with CP have to over come or is it fight against(?)

Basically this book is about first love. Sure it has to do with other issues, OCD, CP and

another subject that I was trying to hide in a spoiler tag but it's  not working.. , but really it's just about being accepted and meeting that one person who makes you feel like everything is gonna be okay.

I'm not saying this book is perfect. There were things that I saw coming and wish she didn't write it into the plot, but I enjoyed the way Amy & Mathew were with each other ,so much I'm willing to overlook some stuff.


Here's some info I found out after looking up the author.

She's Elizabeth McGovern's (from Downton Abbey) sister. She also started Whole Children. A grassroots organization founded by parents of children with special needs. It was created to fill a significant gap in the existing services provided by local communities.