Her Perfect Stranger by Jill Shalvis

Her Perfect Stranger (Harlequin Temptation, #878) - Jill Shalvis

Please, if you're interested in reading a Jill Shalvis book, do NOT read this one!


Here's one of the "love" scenes:

"Outside, the storm continued to rage, while inside one of not such a different nature took its course, as well. Reality had little chance, between the flashes of lightning and the flashes of bare, naked hunger. The friction of his thrusts and the greed of her own body shattered her. It might have been terrifying, how far he lifted her out of herself, if he hadn't been right there with her. She was still in the throes of a shockingly powerful orgasm- her third! - when he buried his face in her hair and found his own release."


Just boring and no chemistry. Blah, and I don't know, this could just be me, but when I read the word "blouse", I think of my mother talking about buttoned down flowery shirt she picked out, not a shirt being taken off during a hot sex scene.





I recommend  Simply Irresistible.