See You at Harry's by Jo Knowles

See You at Harry's - Jo Knowles

Started this book last night and finished the last 20 pages this morning. 

 Yep, I cried.

This book wasn't perfect. I had two issues with it. 

#1 - the ages of Fern & Charlie. I had a hard time with Fern being only 12. Charlie seemed a lot younger than 3.

#2 - the word OK. I should have done a count of how many times it was in the book. Probably the same amount of times I use the word "like" in a review. Way too many times.


I found in the beginning of the book I was thinking of my siblings. How we acted with one another, how we didn't always get along. Then in the middle I started to think about my own children. Am I leaving one out? Am I giving them enough hugs?

I think as a parent this story will make you sob.


The scene where Fern's mom is holding Charlie saying "No, no" is just heart wrenching. It's every parent's nightmare. I'm having a hard time getting that scene out of my head.

(show spoiler)


Some spots that stood out to me:

Fern. What kind of lame name is that? What were my parents thinking, naming me after a kid whose only friend was a pig marked for death?



"I want you to be my mom," I tell her quietly. "I just want you to love me again."

pg. 236


"But I realize now, he was my gift, too.

pg. 245


There's a poem mentioned in the story, it's called "Epitaph". It was written by Merrit Malloy. I'm going to end this post with it.

When I die 
Give what's left of me away 
To children 
And old men that wait to die. 
And if you need to cry, 
Cry for your brother 
Walking the street beside you. 
And when you need me, 
Put your arms 
Around anyone 
And give them 
What you need to give to me.


I want to leave you something, 
Something better 
Than words 
Or sounds.


Look for me 
In the people I've known 
Or loved, 
And if you cannot give me away, 
At least let me live on your eyes 
And not on your mind.


You can love me most 
By letting 
Hands touch hands, 
By letting 
Bodies touch bodies, 
And by letting go 
Of children 
That need to be free.


Love doesn't die, 
People do. 
So, when all that's left of me 
Is love, 
Give me away.